we create previz

to visualize your movie before shoot


We are a previsualization studio located in Hungary specializing in
film and commercial
previz and concept design

Previz is a 3D animation aided preproduction solution that helps to visualize complete scenes
before the
shooting starts

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for visual story development

previz visualizes director's and cinematographer's creative vision way before shooting. It inspires them in creation and they can easily experiment with camera angles and film cuts which you could never do in normal storyboards in such an easy way
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for technical plan

previz assists the cinematographer and art director to plan technical solution, such as scene, camera and light layout
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for budget calculation

previz makes appropriate and reliable calculation of production budget for the producer
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for pitching

previz illustrates the potential of a film project before it has been fully funded


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In phase of development we can create a 3D animation teaser, that can use for pitching. It illustrates the potential of the film project before it has been fully funded.

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In phase of pre-production we can create full movie in 3D animation, that helps to plan your vision and you can expreriment with many camera and cut variation.

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concept design

We provide visual ideas for directors and film production companies that help to realise their vision or sell the film to potential Financiers or Distributors. The service ranges from environment and set designs to character, costume, creature, prop and vehicles illustration.

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on-set previz

In production phase, during shooting we can help to plan any heavy action scenes. We can visualise the cameras, lights and the set of the shots in 3D animation. We have huge, 3D model and character animation database. It helps to quickly create any scenes.
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After shooting in the post production phase we can quickly replace the green screen with the previz assets in the live-action plates. This rough version of the movie helps the VFX producer to find final look and he can send this approved sequences to final VFX vendor.
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scene reconstruction

We have huge, about two million pre-defined 3D model and up to ten hundred 3D character animation database. We use a drone for 3D scanning and reconstructing the environments. These help to quickly create any shooting scenes.

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